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Living trees for the Blessed Season…

Add a cheerful note to your home for 3 weeks

(just give one week of full sunlight before placing indoors)

Remember to water regularly!

A beautiful addition to your garden for the rest of the year!

A Joyful and Blessed Christmas Season from Cainta Plant Nursery!


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A Philippine native bloomer…

…with white, soft, and silky flowers

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For this coming holiday season, there is no susbsitute for a real Christmas tree. The scent of the the fresh leaves mingling with the aroma of  Christmas dinner create a perfect setting.

Podocarpus costalis is a Philippine native pine tree ideal for the holidays. Podocarpus may be planted in the garden, or retained in its container to adorn your porch or add warmth to your living room.

Podocarpus may be kept indoors for a maximum of 3 weeks, watered regularly (with 1 week full exposure to the sun prior to placing it indoors).

A Blessed Christmas Season to all from Cainta Plant Nursery!

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